Summer 2020 and School Year '20-'21 Registration Now Open


Our Summer Program Will Start on June 1, 2020

Please click HERE to read about our COVID-19 safety policies and summer plans. 

Kids Club has a New Parent App and Parent Online Portal - Click on your school link below to sign-up!

Important Reminders:

  • Registration is on a first come first service basis and requires all completed registration information.
  • Per state regulations, all families must list 2 nonparental emergency contacts.
    Please keep this in mind as you are filling out your online registration, as it is not a required action by Sandbox.
  • A checking account or credit card is required to register. 
  • Current families will need to re-enter their payment information. 
  • For your safety - adding a checking will require account verification via micro deposit. Up to two or three small deposits will be made to your checking account.  You will need to verify those amounts.  Once verified, your form of payment will be approved.
    Note – these small deposits will then be withdrawn from your account. We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We no longer accept Discover.
  • Your registration and/or activity fee will be deducted from the payment information you provided within 2 weeks.
  • Our office will contact you if we require additional information before completing the registration process.
  • If you would like to sign up for Summer Drop-In program. Please contact our office after registering for additional paperwork. 

Care Options & Costs
(Automatic deductions are bi-weekly per child)

Morning Care Only - $96.50 Bi-Weekly
Afternoon Care Only - $132.00 Bi-Weekly
Both Morning & Afternoon Care* - $168.00 Bi-Weekly
Out of School Days Only - $33.00 Daily
Snow Days - $33.00 Daily
Summer Program - $345.00 Bi-Weekly
*This option includes all Out of School Days & Snow Days

Click here for the 2020-2021 Parent Deduction Calendar

First Summer Deduction - May 29, 2020
Last Summer Deduction - July 24, 2020
First School Year Deduction - August 7, 2020

Click on your school link below to begin Summer 2020 or Fall '20-'21 Registration

Ashbury Kids Club
Anderson Grove Kids Club*
Bell Kids Club - '20-'21 P.M. Care Full
Carriage Hill Kids Club*
G. Stanley Hall Kids Club*
Golden Hills Kids Club
Hickory Hill Kids Club - Summer Program Full
La Vista West Kids Club
Parkview Heights Kids Club
Patriot Kids Club
Portal Kids Club - Summer Program Full & '20 - '21 P.M. Care Full
Prairie Queen Kids Club - Summer Program & '20 - '21 P.M. Care Full
Rumsey Station Kids Club
Tara Heights Kids Club
Trumble Park Kids Club & Club 56
Walnut Creek Kids Club - Summer Program Full
*There is no Summer Kids Club at these locations.

Remember to sign-up for our new parent portal and phone app! - Once your registration is approved.
Parent Portal Sign-On Instructions                       Parent Phone App Instructions

Two weeks notice is required for any account changes to eliminate any additional billing.
To make changes or stop care, please submit a completed Change of Status Form to
Change of Status Form

For questions regarding Kids Club registration you may contact us at: or call us at 402-829-1340.
For questions regarding Kids Club billing you may contact Marisa at: or call us at 402-829-1340.