2020-2021 Out of School Days & Snow Days Information 

Out of School Days – Kids Club is open 6:30 am to 6:00 pm on most Out of School Days.

Pre-Registration is required for your child to attend regardless of the program your child is signed up for.

Snow Days - Kids Club will make every effort to provide safe care for your child or children on snow days. However, we may close completely if we feel we cannot guarantee the safety of the children, families, and staff.  In the event of a complete closing or early closing, look for a message via Sandbox, news stations may be notified, emails will be sent out, and you may receive a phone message or text. Kids Club full day closings or early closings can also be found on Sandbox News Feed, social media and our website, plvschoolsfoundation.org.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to keep informed of early site closings or time changes. The snow day late charge of $2.00 per minute, per child, will still apply with early closings.

If we are open on a snow day, our hours of operation will be 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM (open and close times may vary based on weather conditions).

*Children will need to bring a sack lunch.
*If enrolled in AM only or PM only session additional rates will apply to each child attending.
*No additional charge will be applied to children enrolled in both AM and PM session.

 Out of School Day and Snow Day Sites:

The locations below will be OPEN:                          The locations below will be CLOSED & will be attending:     
Bell: 402-898-0452  
Carriage Hill: 402-898-0492   
Golden Hills: 402-898-0494  Anderson Grove – will go to Golden Hills
Hickory Hill: 402-898-0497 G. Stanley Hall – will go to Hickory Hill
Parkview: 402-898-0490 La Vista West – will go to Parkview
Patriot: 402-898-0489  
Portal: 402-898-0438  
Prairie Queen: 402-592-6714 Ashbury – will go to Prairie Queen
Rumsey Station: 402-898-0498  
Tara Heights: 402-898-0491  
Trumble Park: 402-898-0496  
Walnut Creek: 402-898-9633  









Late Start:

If PLCS calls a “Late Start” due to weather – Kids Club will make every effort to open at 7:30 am on late start days.  Families that have signed up for AM Only or Both AM and PM will be able to attend the morning sessions at their regular attended school.  Those signed up for PM Only or OSD Only will not be able to attend the morning sessions.  Regular PM sessions will be open as long as the weather warrants. 


Due to COVID-19 you will notice most schools are by themselves this year. The schools that are combined are done so because of space and staffing needs. Kids Club will continue best practices regarding, handwashing, face coverings, temperature checks and disinfecting. Locations that are combined, we will do our best to keep children from different schools separated and socially distancing from each other.