The Papillion-La Vista Schools Foundation Grant Program is designed to encourage unique and innovative ideas that will improve the educational process and enhance the learning experience of students in the district. The next grant due date is September 29, 2017. Download your application today!

Grant applications may be submitted two times a year with due dates: September 29, 2017 and February 23, 2018.

Download Grant Application - Word            Download Grant Application - PDF

Grant notifications are made the month after the due date.
Funds for approved grants are available for 12 months.

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 Grant Recipients:

  • Nathan Cain, “Community Based Learning – Unified Outdoor Challenge,” to provide Papillion La Vista South special education seniors with an outdoor camping experience that encourages team building, authentic communication, and opportunities for reflection about high school.
  • Jennifer Cieslik, “Keyboards for iPads,” to give Portal Elementary students more opportunities to practice proper typing on real keyboards, preparing them for a world filled with technology.
  • Kristin Delehant and Matt Burke, “Traveling Demo Show – Providing Science for All Students,” for supplies to increase science awareness, knowledge, and interest for elementary and middle school students through specialized demonstrations and activities.
  • Mary Janssen, “Print Fundraising: Creating a School Based Enterprise,” to fund a printing press and start-up materials for a DECA- and business-student run apparel-printing business at Papillion La Vista High School.
  • Tina LaMontagne, “School Library Makerspace,” to purchase tools to help Golden Hills and Patriot Elementary students creatively innovate, collaborate, and problem solve.
  • Laurie Little, “Generation Z Zoomers,” to provide 3rd – 8th grade HAL students opportunities to explore science, technology, engineering, arts, and math with critical thinking and hands-on activities.
  • Jennifer Logan, “Increasing Productivity in a 1:1 Classroom,” for the purchase of iPad keyboards and stylus pens to be integrated throughout daily lessons for the improvement of students’ technology skills.
  • Kristen Madler, Peggy Vaslo, and Bobbi Moraski, “Social Stories for All,” to provide books that help teach and enhance social skills for students at Portal Elementary School.
  • Jody Minske and Kristy Feden, “The Reset/Recharge Space: Teaching Self-Regulation to Students Placed at Risk,” to provide tools for G. Stanley Hall students experiencing frustrations and other strong emotions to help find themselves ready for learning.
  • Caitlin Nelson and Dawn Spurck, “Breakout Edu District Kits,” for critical thinking puzzles to create engaging teambuilding activities in the classroom, similar to popular “escape room” activities.
  • Ronda Oaks, “External Keyboards for Digital Training in First Grade,” for external iPad keyboards to introduce and reinforce digital skills in state and strict Multiple Literacy Standards.
  • Garrett O’Dell, “Keyboarding in a 1:1 Classroom,” to support G. Stanley Hall student growth and development in the dynamic, digital world using iPad keyboards to improve typing ability and accuracy.
  • Jennifer Prasch, “School Library Makerspace,” to provide technology tools that create opportunities for Papillon La Vista South students to explore and integrate skills while collaborating with peers.
  • Dawn Spurck, “Building Teacher’s Capacity Using Swivl,” to purchase Swivl cameras for each elementary school, providing valuable classroom observations of teachers in their classrooms.
  • Lindsay Wilson, Monika Peters, and Thomas Wilde, “Making Music Current and Collaborative,” to purchase a large amount of choral music appropriate for middle level voices, enhancing the vocal music libraries at La Vista, Liberty, and Papillion Middle Schools. 

Goals of the Grants Program Include:

  •  Increasing student learning in areas related to the grant
  • Building connections with families and the community
  • Improving student academic performance and social behavior
  • Inspiring innovation in teaching and learning
  • Developing a collaborative teacher learning community
  • Serving as a pilot for possible District-wide implementation

Priorities will be given to grant applications which:

  • Collaborate across school boundaries. Example, a project that would be of benefit to students at both Papillion Middle School and La Vista Middle School would be given higher priority if the grant includes both schools and has the support from both schools.
  • Collaborate between teams of two or more teachers to support innovative projects in a particular academic area.
  • Incorporate matching funds or community resources.
  • Demonstrate potential widespread application.
  • Are research based to show effective results.
  • Are not currently eligible for support through the school’s budget.

Projects considered low priority include: Projects that will not be funded include:

  • Teacher Training Food
  • Consumable Supplies Babysitters
  • Registration Fees Staff Salaries
  • Transportation Textbooks
  • Rental Fees Regular Classroom Materials
  • Replicated Projects Programs of Limited Benefit
  • Field Trips  

Once selected, the grant recipient should be able to work on implementation immediately. Any Papillion La Vista Community Schools employee, with the support of his or her principal or supervisor, is eligible to submit a grant request. Students or non-employees may ask a District employee to submit an application on their behalf.

Return grant applications to:
Executive Director - John Erickson
Papillion-La Vista Schools Foundation
242 W. Grant Street | Papillion, NE  68046
402-829-1340 |