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New 5th & 6th Grade Summer Program!

Announcing a summer program with age-appropriate curriculum and fun activities geared JUST for outgoing 5th and 6th graders! Rumsey Station will host the 5th-6th grade program (along with traditional Kids Club in a separate gym), open to families from each Papillion La Vista Community Schools elementary school. Activities will include things like field trips for rock climbing, laser tag, and baseball games, guest teachers in STEM, zoology, and cosmetology, as well well as cool group games, cooking, and walks to the park.

Families with an older child in the 5th-6th grade program and as well as a younger child can choose to enroll the younger child in the regular Rumsey Station program for convenience, or they may enroll the younger child at their regular site. 

Registration is now open for all Kids Club summer programs! 
Rumsey Station Kids Club is located at 110 Eagle Ridge Drive in Papillion.
Kiley Benson – Director of the Standard Kids Club Program
Daniel Nutt – Director of the 5th-6th Grade Summer Program


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