Club 56 - A summer program JUST for 5th & 6th Graders!

Club 56 is back for a second summer of age-appropriate curriculum and fun activities geared JUST for outgoing 5th and 6th graders! Trumble Park will host the 5th-6th grade program, open to families from each Papillion La Vista Community Schools elementary school. Activities will include things like field trips for rock climbing, laser tag, and baseball games, guest teachers in STEM, zoology, and cosmetology, as well as cool group games, cooking, and walks to the park. Download your registration packet now!

Trumble Park will only host Club 56. If you you would like to keep your children together in close proximity, there are many locations hosting summer programs for all ages near Trumble Park: Carriage Hill, Bell, Walnut Creek, and Prairie Queen. Or, families are welcome to enroll in any one of our other Summer Kids Club programs listed here if this is more convenient:  G. Stanley Hall, La Vista West, Parkview Heights, Patriot, Portal, Rumsey Station, or Golden Hills.

Trumble Park is located at 500 Valley Road in Papillion
Alex Hale – 2018 Club 56 Director
Matt Crouch - 2018 Club 56 Assistant Director