Titan Brew Jeff JohnsonWe first learned about Titan Brew in the fall of 2015 when Papillion La Vista South teacher Nathan Cain applied for a Teacher Grant. The concept stemmed from a student's wish to be a barista, and grew to become a sustainable business that gives special education students real-world working experience.  In partnership with the Papillion Dunkin' Donuts and Special Olympics Project Unify, the Titans have created a coffee delivery service that helps students develop a variety of skills while connecting with building staff in a unique way.

Students take coffee orders via email, then measure and prepare the coffee during their first period of day. The next period, students interact with staff as they deliver coffee to teachers throughout the school.  Job development opportunities go beyond just making and delivering coffee. Students designed the Titan Brew logo, and work with staff and student aides to receive orders and collect payment. Each day they gather and wash each teacher's personalized travel cup, eliminating the need for wasteful paper cups. 

The business was well-received from the beginning, and continues to grow. Titan Brew now have a social media presence as well as a website. Titan Brew has chosen to donate extra funds to the True Titan Endowment Fund, Unified Sports & Special Olympics, and Free Wheelchair Mission. Rachel George with the Papillion Times recently caught up with the students as they worked. Read more about her experience with the Titan Brew team.

Papillion La Vista South's Titan Brew program has served as a model for other schools, including Titan Brew at Papillion Middle School and Bow Down Brew at Papillion La Vista High School. The Foundation has provided six different Teacher Grants to help these programs get started.  Teacher Grants fund innovative ideas like this to help create outstanding learning opportunities for students in Papillion La Vista Community Schools.

Titan Brew coffee window
Titan Brew Coffee team

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