Director Clyde Sheard at Carriage Hill Kids Club is a big baseball fan. He even took his site to the College World Series Fan Fest this summer! With Mr. Clyde's team, the Chicago Cubs, in the playoffs, he decided to celebrate with a baseball day at Carriage Hill! Assistant Director Miss Alyssia stirred the pot a little bit with some Cardinals attire. Looks like everyone had a fun day!

Escape With a Book This Summer

There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than to read a good book that takes you magical places. Help your child continue reading through the summer by participating in the Summer Library Program at local elementary schools.

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Bell Kids Club Moves to Prairie Queen Monday, June 19

Bell Elementary Kids Club moves to Prairie Queen Elementary for Monday, June 19. Field trip is still on!

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Kids Club Post-Storm Update

Several areas remain without power due to the storms Friday evening, June 16, including some schools/Kids Club sites. Please watch for an email from your Director informing you if any closings or site moves are necessary for Monday, June 19.

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