11/20/2015 9:07 AM

Pond studies, TRUST courses, and soil sundaes are just a few of the things Papillion La Vista Community Schools 6th graders experienced this fall at Outdoor Ed. Since 1973, thousands of Papillion La Vista students have enjoyed nature as their classroom through this program specifically designed to enhance curriculum. The Papillion-La Vista Schools Foundation covers the total cost of this program, allowing all 870  6th graders this year to attend regardless of a family’s ability to pay. With 5 Title I schools and 26% of students in the district on free and reduced lunch, the Foundation is dedicated to making sure opportunities like Outdoor Ed are possible for all students.

Here’s what some 6th graders had to say about Outdoor Ed:

  • “I had never stayed in a cabin before or ever spent more than 24 hours out in nature.”
  • “The TRUST course is fun and scary a little bit. I learned how to be brave.”
  • “The best trail is the Forest Trail because you get to see deer and other cool animals! It was super awesome.”
  • “I like the Pond Trail when we got to do experiments.”
  • “My favorite part was getting to bond with my classmates...Outdoor Ed will most likely be the best part of 6th grade.”
  • "The food is AWESOME!"
  • "I want to go 100 more times!"
  • "I overcame my fear of heights."

And some advice for future 6th graders:

  • "Don't chicken out. Believe in yourself."
  • "Sleep, don't mess around at night."
  • "Do everything. It will be all worth it."
  • "Be prepared for lots of hiking and lots of fun."
  • "Bring bug spray and warm clothes."
  • "Bring shower shoes."

You're invited to join us in making Outdoor Ed possible for all 6th graders. Donate here, or contact the Papillion-La Vista Schools Foundation office at 402-829-1340 to learn more.